Promising Researcher Grant

The King Hussein Award’s Promising Researcher Grant provides funding for two research proposals to be conducted in the Arab world by young promising researchers, in any discipline related to cancer. By funding selected projects in the amount of USD 100,000 over the course of two years, the Promising Researcher Grant endeavors to inspire a talented new generation of researchers and equip them with the necessary resources, structure and support to carry out cutting-edge research in the Arab world. Special consideration will be given to proposals which address research questions specifically related to the incidence and/or manifestation of cancer in the Arab world.

Award Recognition Elements

  • A grant of up to 100,000 USD  
  • Recognition in the official Awarding Ceremony 
  • The King Hussein Award Plaque 

How to Apply

Applying for the Promising Researcher Grant will take place in the following two phases:

  • PHASE ONE: Submission of an application which includes the following components:
    • Letter of intent with a brief of the proposed research project (addressed to King Hussein Award Evaluation Committee)
    • Applicant CV
    • Applicant contact information
  • PHASE TWO: Shortlisted applicants will be asked to submit the following additional materials for a second round of assessment:
    • Comprehensive research proposal
    • Details on collaboration and funding
    • Research team information
    • Templatized CVs
    • Full project information and timelines

Conditions for Applying

Eligible submissions to the Promising Researcher Grant shall meet the following conditions:

  • Research should be innovative, bold ideas and with the potential to have a big impact in any field/aspect of cancer 
  • Research to be implemented in the Arab world
  • Researcher must reside in the Arab world and work in academic/research institutions, or hospitals in the Arab world for the fund duration
  • Researcher should hold either an MD or a PhD.
  • Researcher should be 45 years old and younger.
  • Previous winners of the promising researcher grant may reapply after five years.

Evaluation Criteria

Awardees will be selected based upon evaluation of the following criteria:

  • Applicant personal record

    • Education/training
    • Previous fellowships
    • Areas of interest and research experience
  • Relevance/quality of research proposal

    • Research project design and methodology
    • Originality and innovation
    • Potential impact of research findings
    • Proposed collaboration and partnership (not necessary, but encouraged)


To apply for the Promising Researcher Grant, interested individuals should create an account and submit an application via the below link. 

Promising Researcher Grant Application Form