Lifetime Achievement

The King Hussein Award recognizes the pillars and pioneers who have played critical roles in both advancing regional research and the fight against cancer at the international level through its Lifetime Achievement Award.

This Award includes the following two tracks:

• Regional (recognizing Arab researchers working in the region)

• International (recognizing Arab researchers working outside of the region)


Award Recognition Elements

  • Award of 30,000 USD 
  • Recognition in the official Awarding Ceremony 
  • The King Hussein Award Plaque 

How to Apply

Application to Lifetime Achievement Award can be made by either Nomination or Self-application. The application to this award takes place in two phases.

In the first phase:

For Nomination:

  • An eligible nominator must  submit on behalf of the Nominee the following components:
  1. CV of Nominator
  2. CV of Nominee
  3. Nominator Letter of Support 


For Self-Application:

  • An eligible applicant must submit the following components:
  1. CV of Applicant
  2. Covering Letter


Once the first phase of the nomination or self application is complete, the Nominee/applicant will be informed and prompted to complete their nomination or application for the second phase by submitting an application which includes the following components:

  • Nominee/applicant CV
  • Nominee/applicant personal statement
  • 2 external letters of reference
  • Total number of publications, H-index and Number of citations (according to Scopus)
  • % of publications where the applicant is first, second or corresponding author
  • Patents, including pending (if any)
  • Other academic or professional achievements and/or awards
  • Ten best publications (Original research paper, first, second or  last author (either Basic, translational, and/or clinical research)

Conditions for Nominating

Individuals eligible to nominate candidates to the Lifetime Achievement Award shall meet the following conditions:

  • PhD or MD
  • 15 years active in research
  • Strong publication history
  • Declaration of institutional affiliation

Conditions for Nominees

Individuals nominated to the Lifetime Achievement Award must meet the following conditions:

  • Affiliated or previously affiliated (in case of retirement) with a reputable institution involved in cancer research.
  • Actively working in cancer research in the Arab world and/or internationally.
  • Demonstrated lifelong commitment to understanding and fighting against cancer
  • MD, PhD, or MD/PhD or equivalent degree
  • Demonstrated significant contributions by:
    • Improving prevention, diagnosis, or treatment
    • Leadership, mentorship, and collaboration
  • Previous recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award are ineligible to reapply.

Evaluation Criteria

Awardees will be selected based upon evaluation of the following criteria:

  • Originality and Innovation
  • Quality of research design and methodology
  • Journal ranking of the published research (Scopus indexing & impact factors)
  • Number of citations for the published research (according to Scopus and h-index)
  • Total number of publications 
  • Number of publications in which the author is first, second or corresponding
  • Patents (if any)
  • Other academic or professional achievements
  • Collaboration (submitted research is part of a collaborative project) or multicenter
  • Submitted research project yielding positive outcomes (new applied technology patents, new drug, new treatment protocol, etc.)
  • Relevance and relation to the Arab world or internationally
  • Importance of the applicant’s research achievement and contribution to knowledge/care
  • Multidisciplinary nature

Nomination/Self Application Form

To nominate someone for the Lifetime Achievement Award or to self apply, eligible nominators/applicants should create an account and submit their nomination/application. 

Nomination Application Form

Self Application Form