Academic Program Excellence

The King Hussein Award’s category for ‘Academic Program Excellence’ recognizes academic programs in the field of cancer which are affiliated with or offered by a university, an academic institution, an accredited hospital, or an accredited cancer center in the Arab world.
The program must demonstrate its commitment to research, teaching, and/or training of future healthcare professionals.

Award Recognition Elements

  • Award of 30,000 USD 
  • Recognition in the official Awarding Ceremony 
  • The King Hussein Award Plaque 

How to Apply

To apply for the Academic Program Excellence in Research Award, applications must include the following components:

  1. Program Type

  2. Applying Program – Main Information (Official Name of the institution/program, country, city, website, social media, etc.) 

  3. Administration/Capacity

    • Organizational Structure

    • Leadership

    • License (Required) 

    • Accreditations 

    • Vision, mission, objectives and values

    • Length of time operational

    • Credentialing policy (Process and Committee) 

    • Recognition and awards for academic achievement 

    • National, regional, and international collaborations 

    • Number of new cancer cases per year if applicable

    • System to measure and monitor the quality of education/training including KPIs and Benchmarking

    • Cancer committee documentation 

    • Program KPIs and benchmarking data. 

  4. Main Research Projects, Results and Accomplishments as applicable

    • IRB/Ethical Review Committee documentation

    • Partnerships/MOUs/Agreements related to research 

    • List of cancer-related publications including impact factor and quartile of journals with documentation 

    • Number of active oncology research projects per year

    • List of program’s cancer research projects funded by the institution 

    • List of program’s cancer research projects funded by external entities

    • Total amount of external research funding per year  

    • Percentage of institutional budget allocation towards research 

    • Cancer clinical trials currently active 

    • Percentage of patients enrolled in cancer clinical trials

    • Protocols and guidelines for cancer management  

    • Proof of tumor board meetings 

    • Proof of counseling for risk of cancer 

    • Availability of cancer screening programs 

    • Availability of social and psychosocial support programs 

    • Program policies and procedures document 

    • List of patents, pending and granted

    • List of advanced unique services 

    • List of breakthrough publication 

    • Availability of policy for auditing and release of data

  5. Annual number of graduates and their relevance to the market and employability rates

  6. Inclusion of underprivileged individuals (numbers/details)

    • Programs/ inclusion of under privileged individuals (numbers/ details)

    • Community and awareness efforts (mention activities for health education and awareness for the community) 

Conditions for Applying

  1. The program is engaged in the field of cancer and affiliated with a university/academic institution or an accredited hospital/cancer center in the Arab world.
  2. The program has operated for a minimum of five years.
  3. The program covers any/all of the following areas in the field of cancer: prevention/early detection, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, palliative/end-of-life care. 
  4. The program demonstrates commitment to ethical standards (IRB/REC approval, when applicable). 
  5. The program conducts community outreach/engagement and impact (activities for health education and awareness for the community).
  6. When applicable, the academic program serves new cancer patients on a regular basis.
  7. The program adheres to the requirements of accreditation and curriculum standard ratios (e.g. faculty/trainees ratio).
  8. The program has well-defined organizational structure and is well-staffed. 
  9. The program has specific/published requirements for admission/enrollment/promotion and certification, as applicable.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Accreditation certificate 
  2. Staff credentials and multidisciplinary
  3. Presence of cancer committee in the affiliated hospital if applicable 
  4. Performance and work success (Evidence based practice)
  5. Availability of written policies and procedures documents
  6. Use of standard clinical protocols, if applicable
  7. Overall impact and volume of work: 
    • Number and quality of publications
    • Funded projects
    • Number of patients
    • Number of graduates and their relevance to the market and employability rates
  8. Program KPIs and benchmarking
  9. Provision of cancer risk assessment/predisposition and genetic counseling if applicable 
  10. Creativity and innovation: 
    • List of patents, pending and granted
    • List of advanced unique services
    • List of breakthrough publication 
  11. Provision of cancer screening if applicable 
  12. Psychosocial distress screening if applicable 
  13. Participation in clinical trials if applicable 
  14. Research funding: 
    • Percentage of institutional budget allocated towards research
    • Total Amount of external research funding per year  
  15. Data transparency
  16. Collaboration with other programs
    • National collaboration.
    • Regional collaboration. 
    • International coloration. 
  17. Inclusion of vulnerable individuals and minorities.


To apply for the Academic Program Excellence in Research Award, interested applicants should create an account and submit an application.

Academic Program Excellence Form